Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A&W Chubby Chicken / Greaseballs / KFC / Microphones

Went to visit Grandma and pick up the pants which Mom said she'd shortened - two pairs, which is fine. Tried them later, and they were the right length, anyway... PHEW! I wheeled Grandma closer to the big-screen TV so she could actually see the classic movie of the afternoon, and she wanted to know whether I was hungry so I could get stuff to eat from there. No, I definitely wasn't! I told her that Uncle Michael would come tomorrow, but she didn't say much to that beyond "Oh, we can talk then..." On the way home, I decided to pick up some A&W Chubby Chicken from the mall food court. I've never had it before due to a long-ago conversation (in 2000?) with Dennis, who described it as "feeling like greaseballs in the stomach," but it seems okay to me for what it is. Then I plan to have taro ice cream... or maybe the Peanut Butter Burst one! SO UNHEALTHY, HAHAHA.

When I got home, Vanessa got on MSN and said she was bored; I'm not the "online bowling" type of person, though! I still haven't found my microphone... it's been ages since I talked to Kenny on Skype, so that's why I don't remember where I put it! Probably near the stuff on the floor, however! While we talked about KFC / McDonalds / Church's Fried Chicken, I found out that Photobucket works again - GLORY, HALLELUJAH! I told Mom NOT to get into a loud argument with her brother in the middle of the nursing home, haha. We'll see what happens...

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