Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pureed food, Grandma, Baby Dragon, Vanessa, and Deb

Visited Grandma for a bit: she said the food wasn't very good (but it's pureed!), and said I could order stuff if I was hungry. Once again, your residence is NOT a hotel, hahaha! I had to feed her some of her salmon / veggies dinner before she decided she could do it herself, but she said she wanted to sleep first since she was very tired. I asked if she had seen the baby, and she surprisingly acknowledged meeting Baby Dragon Ayler! Then I told her that Uncle Michael would be coming soon, but she didn't seem very excited. Oh well.

Got home to take a shower and do some laundry, then Vanessa said hi on MSN / YM. She wants to go to Ironwood on Sunday with her friend Kim, who's going on the ferry from Victoria just to eat at Cora's, hahaha! Good thing I don't have to be at church, eh? I called Deb about tomorrow, and she called me back - sure, I can get there after 4 and my food shopping. Should be doable from Gilbert, anyway... 407? She says I can stay for dinner, and then Dylan can take me home!

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