Thursday, August 30, 2012

Christine, Scrabble, Itamar, perverts, dispelling RETURN!

Christine sent me a FB message, wondering if I ever played Scrabble. I used to with Scrabulous / Wordscraper / Lexulous, that's for sure! Eric sent us an email about the BBQ on the 7th (I gotta reply to the Evite), this Sunday's prayer time for the long-term viability of the group (I suspect I'll be at Cora's with Vanessa and Kim then), and there being NO OFFICIAL PROGRAM tomorrow - YES! Never mind the religious-based "gathering" stuff... it just means a free night to TRY getting Chinese Eric on the phone, hahahaha! Also, he mentioned SETTLERS OF CATAN, which now always makes me think of Itamar. :D

Old man in the Nameless Mountain Village tavern at night: "Just once, just once in my life, I'd like to know what's it like to take a bath. Fo fo fo."

People in the hot springs think we're perverts! "You came to this hot springs to do something perverted, didn't you?" If you say no, she replies: "Well, of course... hot springs are very good for the health." A "yes" answer gets you "Oh! You pervert!"

"Oh! You pervert!"

Perverted old man in the hot springs: "Oooh! B... Bianca! Are you here to bathe in the hot springs, too? *drown glug glug* "

We try casting RETURN in Port Selmi, but a magical force dispels it!

Soldier in Ruraphin: "Dammit! The roads in this city are so annoyingly complicated." (and they certainly ARE!)

The innkeeper in Oracle Valley: "Someone better take these folks to their comfy beds before I start handing out pink slips!"

The hero and Bianca on the way to their Salabona wedding, financed by Master Ludman. I didn't have the heart to choose his daughter Flora instead:

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