Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012 BBT Tally / CHINESE ERIC / Panties!

I called Chinese Eric at 12:30 since I thought he'd called me, but "BLOCKED CALL" could mean anything! At least he answered the phone, and we had a good brief convo which made me feel better! I said that I'd seen Nathan TWICE already while he's been in town, and Eric wondered what was up with that guy since he never responded to his calls or emails! Nate IS a busy guy, with family dinners and work and who knows what else! I relayed the FAT DRAGON on MONDAY message from Jon to Eric, who said he'd have to see since the family friends STILL aren't out of town yet, but they DID just get back from the States! Says he'll call me on Saturday or Sunday to figure stuff out, which DEFINITELY sounds TERRIFIC! :D

Went to Sears at 2:05 to get some dark on-sale Jessica IMAGE panties, too. Also got Jessica knee socks, at three for $10. While I was at the mall, some East Indian kid smiled at me; he couldn't have been more than maybe nine or ten. Cute! Had to purchase some Always pads at Shoppers, and a watermelon bubble tea at Big Orange. I then thought of getting some cheap blank cards, but London Drugs / the dollar store / Shoppers didn't have them. Hallmark Cards had a 99ยข card section, but there were no blank cards. After scrounging through the "Thinking of You" subsection, I found one design that would be suitable for a baptism card application if ever I needed it, so I got the last eleven on the shelf. ("Sending you warm thoughts to brighten your day and lighten your heart" works! :P The "congratulations" cards almost never work if you want to use them for a non-Easter baptism!) I also found some seriously on-sale BUG 'EM! bees and ladybugs there (from $7.95 to $1.95?!), so got the last ladybug for myself, and a bee for white Eric's birthday which is next week. Yeah, they're more suitable for kids, but whatever works! Managed to cram everything into my purse (minus the garbage), and got home by 3:40!

Speaking of white Eric, he just called to see if I were going to the board games night: NO! I need my privacy! Also, I took the opportunity to rant to him about Randal's presumptuous emails. I don't want to hear anything more about SETTLERS OF CATAN or a guys' night out! JFC, people. I'm about to go back to the weekly tradition!


pudding @ Dragon Ball (Thursday, Aug. 16) [free, thanks to Chinese Eric!]
watermelon @ Big Orange (Friday, Aug. 31)

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