Thursday, August 30, 2012

Barb-Joyce, Havarti, baby concern, doughnuts, and screaming

Barb-Joyce added me to Facebook from the Puckheads - nice! The lards picked me up slightly late, and we were off to see Grandma briefly. For some reason, Mon's under the impression that I like candles, so she gave me two. She says she'll finish shortening a couple of my pants, so can give that to me if I go to church on Sunday. We'll see what the status of my own plans are first, haha. Saw Auntie Eva there, too. Got to Steph and Lisa's; when I met the French bulldog Havarti, she licked me a lot. Steph said that this was a good sign. Jon, Harmony, Ayler, and Nathan got there pretty much on time. When the baby cried (he was doing some pretty good screams at one point), the dog went over to investigate this new sound. Steph joked that their neighbors would react like this: "They just got a puppy, and now they have a baby?! What the?!"

We talked about Varley, the baby traveling to Victoria okay, the baby and dog sleeping / being spoiled by Mom, sex / dog breeding, joking dog recipes, being "hak-hai," TITUS ANDRONICUS, bombing, OTHELLO AND DESDEMONA, giving the baby alcohol to sleep, incest, RICHARD III, coffee, Skype / webcams, the hockey lockout possibility, couples, beers, H. Ross, Eric Ho being really Asian (Nate says I'm in better touch with him than he is!), Jeremy's band, interesting doughnut flavors from Lucky's (mango; peanut butter and jam; apple bacon; pistachio; etc.), the dog's eventual weight of twenty pounds, FAT DRAGON, quinoa, peas, cheesecake, coconut macaroons, and more. I caught myself calling the dog "baby" tonight, since that's what I usually call Ayler! ACK! Oh well, at least I threw in a "doggy" or two for flavor. I'm so not a dog person, but maybe I'll survive as the dog is relatively small. Nate also says he likes cats more than dogs, so I'm not alone!

It was good to see Lisa again - and to say hi to the baby, of course! He was wide awake when we wanted him to sleep, but I guess he was curious because of the new surroundings and the interesting lights. Harmony and Jon gave me a one-month baby card, I gave them the yellow baby booties (cute and good for winter), and Steph and Lisa gave me a wedding thank-you card along with FAZER Finland chocolate. On the way home, Mom tried talking to me about logistics and my next birthday dinner; if I want Big G there, it should probably be at the townhouse. Hey, then the dog can come too! I don't know of many restaurants that allow dogs, haha.

Now I'm getting slightly annoyed at all the emails about SETTLERS OF CATAN - Randal even saw fit to email me, Connie, Vicky, and Vivian separately since it seems like it'll be a guys' night out with him, Eric, Raymond, Kevin, Christon, and Albert. I don't really CARE for board games, and I really don't think much prayer or reflection will be done during such a night OR at dinner! The religious aspect aside, NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT TO DO! I like doing my own thing / having solitude (Chinese Eric understands that!) - and if I wasn't at least halfway sure that Randal was coming at this from a somewhat caring perspective, I'd really rip into him!

Edit: And... nobody can make it, after all! HA, THIS IS WHAT YOU GET, RANDAL! :P

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