Tuesday, August 28, 2012

CONTACT WITH CHINESE ERIC! / Yes or no / Nuns / Handsome / Reinhart peace

Managed to finally make contact with Chinese Eric at 12:45, but he was heading out again since the uncles and such were in town. I said that if he called me at 4 AM, I would definitely not be answering the phone, haha! Yes, I can definitely understand his being tired and such after getting home from being out all day and taking a shower. MSN or a phone call would be good - just maybe not tomorrow evening since I have these tentative plans with Dylan and Deb! Tonight, maybe! Also called Barry about forty minutes later; tomorrow at 1:30 it is!

This Santa Rosa nun is overjoyed at seeing Papas again: "Ah, God must truly be watching over you to bring you back to us!"

Papas then tells her like it is: "Blah blah... save that talk for church! This is no time to be speaking like that!" (I'd say that to my friends, also!)

Papas going the wrong way through the tunnel leading to Reinhart!!!

A fellow slave is propositioning the hero! "It must have been so rough for you... if there's anything I can do to help you forget that pain, just ask..." OH MY. o_O

This old man in the Oracle Valley pub at night wants us to try the "disgusting" food, though he says the ale is good. "What? It was good?! That's unbelievable... what have your parents been feeding you?" Prince Henry and the hero have been slaves for ten years, so it's better than slave rations!

A nun at the nameless nunnery by the sea: "Oh? What an unexpected visitor we have. But... your face? What troubles you, Sire?" YES and NO are not answers to that! (we need Maria's help to open the door of the southern tower!)

After we restore peace to the land of Reinhart, we can go to the inn at night. This Bunny Girl offers us a puff puff since we're so handsome!

This old man in the tunnel to Reinhart has been watching the river currents for ten years, and says that Reinhart is back to normal because he wished it so! Hahaha!

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