Sunday, July 15, 2012

BLING, ABC Family Restaurant, fans, chilling, and catching up!

Chinese Eric called at about 6:40, and said he'd be here at 7, but got stuck in traffic and was here at 7:25. I just let him in when he buzzed without bothering to verify who it was, haha. AFTER THREE LONG MONTHS, WE HAVE BEEN REUNITED! Catching up, Vegas bling necklaces / postcards / maps (Nevada) / T-shirt / playing cards, wedding photos, Vegas pictures, baby Ayler photos, dinner, chilling, and more were definitely on the agenda! Discussed Facebook, TSN, Edwin Encarnacion, baseball, the Blue Jays winning 11-9 over the Indians, the BC Lions losing 23-20 to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Puckheads group (I added him at his own request!), Carol / Stuart, racism, and reminders. Conversed about his wanting to know ALL THE DETAILS (why not?), Marissa / Caleb / Connor, James (who showed good timing by saying hi on YM just as we were discussing him :P), fans, water / apple juice, Vegas hotels, Jon / Harmony / Ayler ("I gotta see the baby before he loses his cuteness!"), TV programs, FINAL FANTASY, COMMAND AND CONQUER, my new large extended family thanks to Harmony and all of Lisa's cousins, Lucas / Liam / Ruth / Sandy / Mike, and dinner options.

We talked about Tokyo Joe's (sushi good if there's a large group only - not for two people), Denny's, Italian Tomato (which Eliza told me about), Korean BBQ (I wasn't REALLY HUNGRY!), closing hours NOT posted on websites (?!), NOT White Spot, and other things. Finally, I had to call Italian Tomato to find out that they closed at 10. Since it would probably take forever to find Bridgeport after 9:10, Eric figured that we might as well go to ABC Family Restaurants next to Yaohan. Sounded fine to me! He had a quesadilla with a garden salad, and I had a chicken pot pie with a garden salad. Talked about grandmas, expensive electronics, iPads, iPhones, plasma TVs, Steve Nash going to the Lakers (not with the Phoenix Suns anymore - A CONTENDER INSTEAD!), T&T, prices, Price Smart, IQ Tester games, Nathan and Ciel, busyness, seeing the baby, changing opinions, a BOBBY LOU burger in Burnaby, and more.

He was fine with going to Price Smart briefly: the 30-count of bottled water was on sale for $4! Since that was what I was going to get anyway, that was even more incentive! I lugged it around the store in a wheeled cart while we checked out the magazines and Asian section. Decided to get some purple yam / taro ice cream while we were there - of COURSE it was fine if I took that on the way out since he had to help with the bottled water! He stopped in briefly to grab his stuff while putting down the bottled water in the kitchen, and I convinced him to sign the guestbook even if it would be abbreviated. YAY! I HOPE IT'S NOT THREE MONTHS BETWEEN HANGOUTS AGAIN!

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