Friday, July 20, 2012

Rat Tails! / Trapdoors! / Frying Pan Yang's Wife

The Rat Tail in FFIV is a nod to the original FINAL FANTASY. ORIGINAL: "The Rat Tail is a treasure found in the Citadel of Trials. It must be given to Bahamut. Upon doing so, he will bless the characters by upgrading their job classes." FINAL FANTASY IV: "The Rat Tail can be found in the Feymarch, and if given to a collector of tails inside the Grotto Admant, the player will get Adamantite in exchange, which in turn can be given to Kokkol, the dwarven smith, to forge the sword Excalibur."

Cecil: "The door [in the Sealed Cavern] has... transformed into a [Trap Door] monster!"

Yang's wife in Fabul Castle, giving you a frying pan: "Smack that no-good [in the Underworld's Sylph Cave] on the noggin for me!"

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