Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Be a man and spit out your realizations! / Photobucket and "short" maintenance

Photobucket has FINALLY finished their "short maintenance" - over twelve hours?! Man, I'm glad it's done... UPLOADING OF PHOTOS AND PICTURES, AHOY!

The FINAL FANTASY IV ADVANCE party goes to rescue Rosa at the Tower of Zot, Tellah dies casting Meteor for revenge against Golbez for his daughter Anna and her husband Edward, and that temporarily breaks the spell that Golbez had over Kain. Cecil and Rosa reunite, and he tells her that he missed her and that he realized something, but can't say what. Kain is also in love with Rosa, so can't really react well to that, but Cid does! "You realized what!? Be a man! Spit it out!"

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