Friday, July 20, 2012

Zellers storage bins, TRACKER luggage bag, and more Amacon fuckery!

I watched a show called URBAN LEGENDS which featured the story of a couple who found out that they were really brother and sister. Maura's dad and John's mom had had a brief fling, and their children unwittingly got together, feeling that they'd known each other for years. The show said they were still together (having had at least one child), and were looking to move to Sweden - it's the only country in the world where it's legal to marry your sibling!

Went out to Oakridge (taking Dad's jacket - yesterday, I took his sandals) to see if I could get a duffle bag since things were up to 70% off on clearance at Zellers. I didn't, but I did get three red storage bins at LESS than Teunis paid for the three green ones last year - HA! The clerk thought they were separate, but I picked up the thing used to bundle them since that had snapped off: from $20.86 to $10.36! Then I decided to go to Richmond Centre again, this time to ask the Bentley's people about duffle bags. They had a REALLY HUGE one for $19.99 (London Drugs sold them for $10 more), but I didn't need that. Eventually, I settled on a less sizeable one from TRACKER ($44.99 to $24.99) which had small wheels, even though I wasn't in the market for wheels originally. I guess they'll help if I'm concerned about heaviness!

I left satisfied, and was going to go home for a brief while so I could drop off my purchases and get my oven mitts since I can't find any around the townhouse kitchen. However, my key got stuck in the front door lock! I called the manager Hester from the front door, and was surprised (but not really) when her husband tried blaming ME for it! "You used the wrong key, so you caused the sticky door!" [not true] Then Hester told me, "That's not our problem, because you're an old tenant - not a new tenant." WHAT THE FUCK?! Ugh... when I finally got someone to take my key out of the lock before the management came, I thanked her very much! Luckily, she was still there when Hester's husband came to check out the issue, as she could translate into Mandarin or whatever dialect. IT'S NOT MY FAULT, AMACON!

When I finally was able to get into my apartment, I noticed seven missed calls: one was from Vanessa, of all the people. Hmm! I organized the purchases, cleared my phone, and decided to take a shower as long as I was home. Figured I need to get more shampoo and conditioner (as well as a farewell card for Phil / Grace / Micah), so I'll take care of that on Wednesday. Waited for a while at the bus stop, and called Chrystal when I got in. I'm good with paying for my own meal this time: it's on Wednesday night at the usual time and place! (What'll I do between banking and 6:30? Hang out at the mall with too much money temptation?!) Also called Eric to advise him that I wouldn't be going hiking tomorrow since I would DIE; even if he says it's more of a walk and I won't DIE, I'm still not going. Then I said that I'd still be here on Sunday, and I'd been told by two or three separate people to go to the damn meeting. He wondered if I were in the Russia mafia once I said that my parents were there... definitely not! I joked that I was at the townhouse to steal all their stuff, hahaha. At least I don't have to go anywhere till Sunday!

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