Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dream about train stations, Marissa, Rich, Chinese Eric, and Phil

It's a good thing that white Eric didn't call me this morning because I wouldn't have been awake, although I got up at 9:45. Besides, I actually remembered a dream which I gotta write down! Thank goodness for extra time to fart around! Although I note that LJ is down right now... *sigh*

I dreamed that I was in a conference building, and that I had to see my dad. He was meeting Marissa and her crew at a nearby White Spot, and I had to get over there before Rich knew about this. Rich was actually there before I was, but wasn't mad about it. He said that he was there with some old and new co-workers / work friends, and let me know that he'd be going up north to pursue a new endeavor as a police officer. Finally, we saw Dad and Marissa's crew in the crowd of white people at the restaurant.

We joined them for dinner, and later went our separate ways. I met up with Chinese Eric at a train station, where he was busily going through some figures on paper about Telus. He helped me up a particularly nasty set of stairs, and I appreciated the friendly touch and hand-holding! Once there, we met up with Phil and talked to a bunch of people about hockey. I misheard that Parise and Suter had been traded soon after their acquisition by the Minnesota Wild, and wondered about that. Someone wrote next to my typed question: "NO!" Then I went with Phil and Eric to the Thompson train station, on the other side of the building, and talked for a while till the train came.

Triggers: Talking about the Puckhead meetup at White Spot / hockey in general with Chinese Eric, wanting Phil's ministry updates via email, seeing Rich at Eddie and Eunice's wedding, and trying to keep up with hockey news. Odd, but interesting enough!

Edit at 1123: LJ is working now, an hour later. Good!

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