Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rice milk, cosmetics bags, sadness with Grandma, ZOOLANDER

Showered and started some laundry before I even touched the computer this morning, otherwise I'd get sucked into it as per the usual. After everything was done, I decided to take all my remaining things over to the townhouse first before visiting Big G. Chilled there for a bit before deciding to finally leave. I found a bunch of Pasta-Roni, cooked chicken, Sidekicks, chips, bagels, bread, Hungry Man microwaveable meals, apple juice, coffee, rice milk, almond milk, bottled water, other things, and instructions on how to use the hot-water boiler... like I don't know how to use it?! Oh well!

Went to London Drugs in the heat and bought a new cosmetics bag to use as a wallet, some peanuts, and some Kleenex. The last two items were for Grandma, and I got to the care home by 5. At the Canada Line station on Marine Drive, I witnessed a girl swearing at transit security... and some professional guy tried bothering me while I was reading. I WASN'T HAVING THAT! Sat with Grandma while she ate, and tried making conversation; at one moment, I realized that no, she is NOT going to live forever. Katherine came by later, and we talked for a bit about church things and the Caring Committee arrangements; since she could stay with Grandma for a bit, I felt free to just leave for the townhouse.

Quizzes from Matt:

You Scored as FUCK YOU


You don't suck at all
You suck a lot

What does this have to do with "How Stupid Are You?", man?

You Scored as Mugatu

You are Maguta. You're an evil fashion designer who does not care about child labor. You were kicked out of a band, and make a necktie with a piano design.

Derek Zoolander
Maury Ballstein

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