Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lunar Subterrane, Ahriman 6666, grey / yellow, Colorado shooting, and more

Heard about the Colorado DARK KNIGHT RISES shooting... so sad! Called Jon to see when a good time would be to visit Ayler; Harmony was busy, so I'll check with them on Sunday if I see them. We discussed Katherine and possibly visiting Grandma tomorrow - I'll stay away from mealtimes, perhaps. Later, I updated Vanessa, who said that she'd wanted to see if I was up for going to Walmart again - probably not a good idea right now, since I spend too much money lately!

When I get treasure on the Lunar Subterrane, the grey items like the Rat's Tail are now yellow! That hasn't happened before to my knowledge... or maybe it's because I finally cleared out my inventory, and can see this!

After defeating an Ahriman floating eye, you get 6666 experience points!

Your party gives the Rat Tail to the tail collector at the Adamant Grotto near Mythril for Adamantite:

Later, they give the Pink Tail (a super-rare drop from the Flan Princess in the Lunar Subterrane) to him for the Adamant Armor:

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