Thursday, July 19, 2012

SunBlaster "no electricity" / Ripping grey luggage bag!

This morning, I thought that Mom's SunBlaster for the plants had run out of electricity when it wouldn't turn on when I plugged it in. In fact, I'd managed to confuse the hot water boiler plug and the one for the SunBlaster. This is what happens when I'm not fully awake. o_O

Slightly later, I broke a glass jar of strawberry jam; I cleaned it up (staining my white socks and green pants), and found some Kleenex for Grandma in the process. I decided to bring the Pasta-Roni (FARMHOUSE isn't suited for my microwave!), salsa, chips, coffee, bagels, evaporated milk, fettucelle, peanuts, Ragu pasta sauce, and more stuff home. I'll save the Chiclets / Dentyne gum and the Lemon Heads for the kids! The grey luggage bag ripped in the process; too much heavy stuff! At home, I put everything away, and then went to see if London Drugs / Coast Mountain Sports / Sears / Bentley's had any duffel bags. Nope, but I did get some BBQ pork with rice and salad at Good-Ah! Went back home to grab my blue Adidas bag for now, and managed to fit my church stuff in the Las Vegas bag instead. Got back to the townhouse and watered the plants in the hot weather... I might give them some more later. BOTTLED WATER FOR ME!

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