Monday, July 16, 2012

Werther's Originals, Häagen-Dazs, pulled pork, and "kind" offers

Mom emailed me with an offer yesterday afternoon: she could pick up some of my stuff today after lunch so I can stay at the townhouse till they come back. Since they're not going till the wee hours of the morning (3:30 AM), and I don't think I want to be around them when they're stressed out, I'll decline that "kindness." Gotta keep myself sane, after all. ;)

After I did what I had to do, I decided I needed a little break from hunting down the very rare Lamia Matriarch in the Babel Tower / Tower of Babil. I went to Subway to see if they still had the limited-time BBQ pulled pork sandwich. I'd read online that it was kinda like a McRib, which I wasn't QUITE impressed with when I tried it at McDonalds last year, but I can't resist these things! Went to London Drugs to get some butterscotch Werther's Originals for Grandma to see if she'll eat those, and couldn't resist some fuzzy peach candies for her as well. Then I saw some on-sale Häagen-Dazs, so I got the new flavor: BROWNIES AND COOKIE DOUGH! When I got home, I discovered that the zipper on my wallet broke; guess I'll get a new one soon! I also saw TWO strollers just lying out in the apartment halls where anyone could take them... what the heck is with my neighbors?! (unless they're free, but even then...)

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