Saturday, February 25, 2012

Clemens, Troy, BAD Translink, Pete, Eric, and losses

Note to self: Despite what the Translink website may say, the C94 does NOT show up much on the weekend / Saturdays in general. Fuck waiting for ages (almost an HOUR in the cold?!) at the bus stop with a billion library books! After a few exchanged messages about Canucks hockey and such, Clemens W. (from Germany) added me to Facebook; I hope this doesn't turn out like the time I had some foreign Canucks fan on my friends list for two minutes, OR like the time I unknowingly added a creepy Canucks fan named Mark Moreau! Troy A. also added me, heh.

Suggested the idea of another siblings dinner while the lards are away to Jon / Harmony / Lisa / Steph; Steph seemed amenable to that, and added that we could take Big G out as well. Hey, that works - I forgot about her, actually. I know, I know... that sounds BAD, so I will do any expiation right now! Bryan also started a YM conversation, which was fair enough. Eric bugged me on MSN when I wasn't feeling my best. Of course I told him what was up. He apparently is concerned that I lack a safe place to explore the darkest reaches of my soul - thanks for reminding me of what I lost!

Told Pete and others what had happened, too. Talked with Eric about the Duggars, drugs, Day Nine, STARCRAFT, emotions, kittens, ninja stars, and "good" sources of support. I know that "I'm going to give it to him REAL GOOD!" [referring to the anger stage] sounds WRONG, but I didn't realize it till Eric pointed it out, haha. Eliza told me that there were a bunch of teen trolls in the hockey group - don't I know it! Luckily, they got banned in short order!

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