Wednesday, February 22, 2012

3-1 loss in Nashville / Corey and Bryan were what I needed...

DAMMIT... the Canucks lost 3-1 to Nashville tonight! Of course, the "no regulation loss" streak had to end sometime, but still. Updated Corey and Bryan about things, and it at least was good to talk to Corey after a couple of months. Yeah, I still miss a certain someone, but I will stay strong! Benefit of the doubt, maybe... not so sure about other things. Talked about Taiwan and truculent students, which is good - I had to laugh a lot for some reason (maybe the past few days!), even though intrusive personal questions aren't funny in the least! Discussed grammar, memorization, Skype, people not even learning things from one class to the next, language, rules hurting the student, money, personal things, defenestration, birthdays, Teunis, insults, Paul, Korey, and more. That's what I needed!

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