Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bryan, missing easy conversation, sushi overriding BS

Talked briefly to Bryan on YM, and found myself missing easy conversation. I just have to remind myself of certain things, is all. Replied to Tracy / Grace / Denise's Evite for Harmony and Jane's baby shower, too. Christon emailed us to say that BS would be at Geoffrey's at Friday, so of course I had to reply to everyone to say that even if it weren't for the hockey game, my late-night sushi plans with a friend and her boyfriend overrode everything else. MUHAHAHAHA! I know how BS works; I would NEVER be able to make it for that AND sushi, especially as Wayne and Vanessa are picking me up! Eric would probably want to stay till at least 10 PM, too. Thank goodness my Friday plans are all intact! GOODBYE!

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