Sunday, February 19, 2012

5-2 win over Edmonton / HETALIA party!

As I thought, I didn't have to activate HOCKEY MODE tonight. It was a 5-2 win over Edmonton, although we did get robbed on a goal review!

Hetalia Party 2 :D by Ashleyybear
Your name?
Invited you:
Tried to scare you:
How?:Puts ice down your back
Person who spilled their drink on you:
Person who helped you get the stain out:
This person gets very tired, and falls on you:
then...they pass out, and you get a little freaked out.
Everyone starts eating pizza! This person sits by you...
and they...ask if they can have your pizza.
Someone dares this person to kiss you, and they do:
As you are leaving, this person confesses their love:

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