Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chronological inconsistencies, Eiffel Tower, flying into mesh (dream) / Evite

I must be strong in the midst of various things going on! Grace, Denise, and Tracy sent me an Evite to a double baby shower for Harmony and Jane, which is taking place in about a month on a Sunday... I guess I'll have to play all the games! *sigh* I also learned that I only have to look after Grandma for the 18th and the 19th, since the respite centre found space for her before then. This is good news; I hardly think I'll have a reason to drag my laptop to the townhouse then! Also had some buttermilk pancakes in honor of Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday, hahaha.

Vanessa got on MSN to invite me to a reservation for late-night sushi (9:30-ish) with Wayne on Friday. They'll pick me up, too. That actually does sound good from a money and time standpoint, especially with the weekly tradition and the hockey game in mind! Of course, I thanked her for the invite. Gives me yet another excuse to not make it out to Fellowship, which means I should tell Eric at some point. Of course, another couple will be coming - meh, I can deal. :D

I had a weird dream which started out with my family being in Paris and inside the Eiffel Tower. There were all these mini souvenirs just lying around on the beige floors, and we were tempted to take some since they were various representations of the tower in various forms. We almost took a couple, but ultimately decided not to since we didn't want to appear like thieves. Upon exiting the tower, we were told to go down a ramp on the bottom floor which would spit us out into the parking lot. I couldn't do it, so Jon (looking as he did when he was three years old) and Grandma (in a mini naked form - I don't want to know!) decided to go with me as I ran into some black mesh separator, as seen on a screen by an elevator. We went flying off the mesh, and onto the bottom floor near escalators.

After that, I saw Eric M. out on a bench - he wanted to join us, and we had no problem with that. Grandma wanted to buy things from an outdoor supermarket, so we took her there. All the freezers and bags were outside, while some bread and such was inside. We were about to select a bunch of items when we were stopped by some workers with green aprons. They said that we weren't allowed to bring any naked people onto the premises, even if they were really tiny. We tried to argue with the workers, but to no avail. So then we met up with Jen in the store's underground parking lot, which is another time inconsistency - we didn't meet her until 2000! Dad told Mom to just go home while he took me, Eric, Jen, and Jon to the movies.

Then we went to the parking lot, which had fast-moving white cars and white lanes all over the place. We went to another crowded store which apparently was just one room, full of frozen food from Safeway. This was apparently going to be our dinner, which would be fine since the movie (something about a DARK KNIGHT prequel? TIME INCONSISTENCY!) started at 7:30. However, I noticed a sign saying that we'd be locked in the room at 7:16 even if people hadn't finished paying for / selecting the food. This was supposedly to preserve the food's integrity, despite it all being in freezers! The store clerks told us not to worry about it, so we turned our attention to selecting various bags and packages.

Finally, we made our way to the checkout line. Tim, Maxine, Joshua, and Keenan were there also. (Emma wasn't born yet in the dream, but the other two shouldn't have been there with the time!) They said hi, and gave me my birthday presents: a foam puzzle, a Matthew Good CD, and more merchandise. For some reason, I had to pay for those! The dream ended when we left the store with lots of food. WEIRD AND CRAZY! Not even sure what the triggers would be for this one, unless it was seeing some DARK KNIGHT RISES movie promo!

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