Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ryan Wiens, glittery malls, MY LITTLE PONY, Mara and Nara (dream)

I had a dream which started out in the middle of winter - with the requisite snow around - and my friends and I had just learned that some MMA fighter named Ryan Wiens had just died on Xmas / Boxing Day. We went around a red glittery mall with plenty of merchandise on sale, and bought a bunch of MY LITTLE PONY things with our usual purchases. Afterwards, we went on a boat, which was understood to be going to the other side of the ocean. I saw Sophia, Margaret K., Mike K., David, Jonathan, and others there. I liked talking to them, and finding out what was going on because of the blue fence barriers and the red rails. The gossip on the boat was that Mara had gone off to see what happened to her pregnant sister Nara, and they were feared lost overboard.

When David started liking Margaret, her brother Mike wanted him to stop having THOSE sorts of thoughts about her! For some reason, I could see into David's mind, and knew exactly what he was thinking! Jonathan decided to stick up for Mike, and pretended to choke David while they were in a precarious position. Sophia and I saw this, and stopped them before it got any more dangerous. We reminded them of Ryan Wiens' death, and asked them if they wanted history to repeat itself. Later, we disembarked while looking at some poor souls who were going to get on the boat for a return trip. That's all I remember! Possible triggers: hearing a bunch of MMA ads, seeing MY LITTLE PONY a lot on ONTD, Valentine's Day stuff at the store, talking to Sophia last week, the DRAGON WARRIOR 4 walkthroughs (Mara and Nara are characters who have to go across the ocean on a boat), and talking about pregnancy lately.

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