Thursday, February 23, 2012

Grandma's 92nd birthday!

Today is Grandma's 92nd birthday! Vanessa got on MSN briefly to share my excitement over sushi overriding BS tomorrow, hahaha. I was responsible and paid my Shaw bill before I went out to do some banking and then spend some time with the Big G. Of course, she forgot that I had told her about this by the time I did get to the townhouse at 2. She made some black garlic oil noodles with chicken for me since I said I hadn't eaten yet, which was nice.

Then asked me whether I had boyfriends in the computer, and then asked whether I talked to White Kid (Eric M.) all the time on the computer. Not really! (if SOMEONE would sort his stuff out...) Phil liked those FB statuses, anyway. I reminded her about her birthday card, and she called me "good" for that and telling her to drink water. Harmony's dad Uncle Joe called to invite her out to dinner; of course, she forgot that Mom and Dad went to the States! Then she told me not to call my sister at work because she's a police officer... HAHAHAHA!

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