Thursday, February 23, 2012

92nd birthday dinner with preserved vegetables!

Eric emailed me to say that it didn't show a friendly demeanor if I said that the hockey game was more important than spending time with people. Excuse me (not that I care), but I *am* spending time with people... AFTER the hockey game, of course. I'd say the hockey game was more important than BS, but I gotta maintain at least a superficial interest in the group. *grumble* Some people do enjoy spending time by themselves, y'know! As for whatever is going on elsewhere, I don't know.

Mom and Dad got home at 5:30, and soon made plans to go to Master Hong's BBQ House. I also got a good on-sale purse, on-sale jewelry for Vegas (crystal [letter] pendant necklace heart and non-usable earrings; given to Grandma), string cheese, and some chocolate. Nice! Tried discussing hockey streams with Dad, but got sidetracked in discussing (chocolate almond) milk and fuses with Mom. Oh well.

We went to the restaurant about an hour later; discussed preserved vegetables, chicken wings, hockey, fish, banks, onions, pineapple, sweet and sour pork, garlic, deep-fried things, celery, oranges, Harmony's birthday dinner, McDonalds coffee, arrangements while the lards are away, Lisa's practicing saying "Happy Birthday" to Grandma in Chinese (Big G said it was good!), parks, cops in the news, the bill / the busy restaurant, and more. I found myself thinking of a certain someone, which I should probably stop. We discovered that the Canucks had snapped Detroit's home winning streak of 23 games with a 4-3 shootout goal by Alex Burrows! Stopped by the townhouse so Steph could tutor Mom in PVR use again, and discussed Lindt chocolates / pomelo / Cuisinart coffee makers / Bruins / Habs. I got home at 9:15, which wasn't too bad. Not that I'd talk to a certain person because of timezone issues... all my fault, I fear. *sigh*

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