Monday, February 20, 2012

Eric, trouble, online drama / Affectionate guys (dream)

Since Eric M. bugged me on MSN about what I did yesterday (ONLINE DRAMA!) and my "romantic evening with Mr. Ho," I told him about James ("trouble"?); he thinks I'm being weird, as per usual. Eric knows me well, and I don't think he's TOO far wrong there! Pete C. also added me to Facebook via a "Puck Heads" hockey group. Also finished the green olive bread, which WAS pretty good.

I had a dream overnight where I was going around town with Jon, Dawn, and others. We went to the store and bought a bunch of food which we were planning to use later. For some reason, Dawn saw and took a green plastic bucket full of blueberries outside. Nobody seemed to have a problem with that! I got separated from the group, and wandered outside to find a bunch of kids playing around in ghost Halloween costumes. It was dark outside, and there were plenty of fall leaves around. I went into a community centre, and found a group of special-needs people about to attend a concert there. They didn't mind my joining them; among others, there was a Japanese person named Risa (who didn't want her last name to be known) who watched over the group, a very affectionate brown-haired guy named Brian who put an arm around me and held my hand, and a brown-haired woman named Maria who was supposed to be married to the conductor at one point. (they somehow remained on good terms)

We just talked about a lot of stuff; at one point, Risa told me privately that Brian was flirting with me, but I didn't mind his rubbing my back briefly at all. It was nice to have that Eventually, we all decided to go outside and see what was going on. We bonded, and then went to the train station to watch people. Maria almost fell down the stairs, so Brian stood up to give her his more roomy transportation device. I was afraid HE would fall, so steadied him by holding him tightly. He appreciated it, and told me so. Everyone was about to add each other to Facebook and other networks when Auntie Allyn and Uncle Tom showed up to tell me that my parents were on a train in the station! No idea how they knew I was there... I reluctantly went to see what they wanted. It turned out that Mom and Dad were with Uncle Eric and Auntie Brenda; they wanted me to leave my newfound friends, AS USUAL. I refused to abandon them, and the dream ended with my rejoining them again. Triggers: Seeing Uncle Eric's comments on Mom's Facebook, thinking too much of certain things, and all the FB drama!

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