Friday, February 24, 2012

Richmond Sushi, new purses, Wayne x2, weird words, and entertaining stories

Decided that my new Fred Mayer purse was perfect for Richmond Sushi, haha. I met Wayne in the yellow Jeep; on the way over, I entertained them with my crazy stories about Mom (Vanessa asked about those conversation snippets!) when we weren't talking about hockey / directions / jerseys / Canucks #1 / the Maple Leafs. Met their friends Wayne (yes, another one) and Jan - I'd met Jan before at the Buck and Ear in April 2009! We discussed Dutch stuff, Scottish stuff, the "squid tentacles / testicles" story, the "libido" story, the past, weird made-up expressions, horses, shrimp bombs, kimchi, tofu, chicken teriyaki (rolls), tuna sushi, sashimi, local sleazy dumps like the Ivanhoe and anything on Hastings, army stuff, navy stuff, and the Marines. Also talked about swimming, creepy people that they knew, Mr. Creep, elephants, Paul, icky feelings or vibes, tea, mango pudding, red bean spring rolls, their friends, ship life, Alaska rolls, drugs, Facebook, mail-order brides, Tokyo Joe's, gyoza, sailors, short ribs, sushi purity, mango in California roll there (she doesn't like it), auto-immune diseases, lists, dollar stores, the library, the States, and more. Good times!

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