Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Passport office and penis obsessions!

My parents picked me up at 12:40, and we were off to see if the Denny's near A&W / Michaels would NOT be crowded since they had a 99-cent Grand Slam special. Of course, it was.. so they tried various Chinese restaurants while bugging me about Chinese Eric and White Eric. I prefer to keep my own counsel when it comes to those two, so gave them minimal answers. They FINALLY settled on Deer Garden near Michigan Noodle Shop / Twinkle, where I went with Auntie Ying last year. (I didn't tell them that, of course) I had Tom Yum soup base with beef and squid (coffee and tea also), and we talked about Grandma's 92nd birthday on Thursday / Russia / Facebook / bubble tea / Auntie Eva / Dairy Queen / my going out to dinner with them that night (HOCKEY, THOUGH?!) / Chung Yan / Karen I. / Mattias / Marcus / my changed sleeping schedule / Grandma's memory issues or deterioration / the Costa Rica itinerary and a coffee tour / Harmony and Jane's baby shower / Steph and Lisa / Vegas airfare and other costs. Of course Jon won't want to leave a two-week-old baby and his wife at home by the time the wedding rolls around on June 2!

From lunch, it was off to the passport office. My mom thought she'd call me on my lack of reading material, but I didn't tell her that I needed the time to think. That would have led to a bunch of questions which I'm not even sure I could answer to people I trust, let alone HER! She told me how the passport office numbers worked, which I knew already. I'm not STUPID, lady! Then she bugged me about "making peace" with Raymond, Mr. Creep, and Paul - Raymond and I are civil when we have to be, and that's good enough for me. As for the last two, I JUST DISLIKE THEM FOR GOOD REASON, OKAY?! She wanted to know WHY, but I know she wouldn't understand! I wish I had certain understanding people in my life right now, but that's not possible at this moment. Oh well. *sigh*

After my passport stuff was done with documents and payment (Mom did come through on that), we walked to Chapters to meet Dad. Mom saw Eric Tsang (Samantha and Rosanna's dad) through the window, so she talked to him for a bit while I just browsed. I saw these two Canucks hockey books which Chinese Eric might be interested in, so I should make a note to tell him! (Celebrating the 2010-2011 Season of the Vancouver Canucks [NHL] and A Thrilling Ride: The Vancouver Canucks' Fortieth Anniversary Season [Paul Chapman]) After my parents talked to Eric about his daughters and furniture, they finally dropped me back off at home. I was in time for the pre-game show! (Nashville and Vancouver) Bryan unexpectedly messaged me on YM right when the game started, but I could deal. :D

I have NO words for my mom right now...

Mom, while on the way to the passport office: "Did you see that man? He was massaging his thing!"
Me: "I don't want to know, Mom..."
Mom: "But you had to have seen it!"
Me: "...."

Mom, in the passport office: "Dad is still opposed to my getting a dog!"
Me: "Have you played with Holly's dog, Varley?"
Mom: "Well, not PLAY... I've seen him... wait. Is Varley a him or her?"
Me: "Varley's a him."
Mom: "How do you know?"
Me: "Trust me - I know these things."
Mom, without skipping a beat: " *gasp* You're dirty! ... You were looking at his THING!"
Me, in head: "WTF.... " (out loud) "NO!"
Mom: "Be quiet! People will look at you, and you'll cause a scene!"
Me, in head: "So don't SAY those things?! *grumbles and curses* "

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