Saturday, August 20, 2005


My sister's issues with her redrum are documented elsewhere. While hers shows up irregularly sometimes, my latest issue with mine is that it shows up too damn suddenly for my taste! Thanks a lot... now I have bloodstains on the mattress I need to get rid of somehow. (not to mention a load of laundry that's going into the washer STAT!) Man, you're not safe if it shows up when you're SLEEPING in a NIGHTGOWN!

Eric H. left me a series of messages this morning:

[09:35:12] For My Girl: Hey Leslie...
[09:35:20] For My Girl: i just checked the movie guide
[09:35:40] For My Girl: would you mind catching the 10:30 show
[09:36:27] For My Girl: i think the 7:30 might be abit too tight for me as i have prior commitments until 6ish
[09:36:51] For My Girl: let Eric know... or he can call my cell for any changes
[09:38:14] For My Girl: or we can go to Richmnd Centr and see the 9:45
[09:38:38] For My Girl: you and Eric decide...and then you can phone me
[09:38:42] For My Girl: ;)
[09:38:47] For My Girl: thnx thnx!!

I think I'll do that after I take care of these messy responsibilities first. Bleck! :P

And if this ma-fan (not horse food! :P) shows up on my birthday next month, I will KILL.

On another note, I have 69 journal comments to go through. Haha, I guess I do have a dirty mind if I note that down here. ;)

Why is this thing a repository for spam comments?! Man!

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