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DOCTOR WHO post / theologian quiz / More Quizzes

I was browsing my LJ friendsfriends page, and came across something that made me think of Steve L. (yes, again :P)

Text of post in case the security settings change... you never know about these things!

As chronicled on TeeVee last week, I've been watching the new Doctor Who. And this has lured me into watching some of the old Doctor Who, because I like to have some context. I roughly know the Doctor Who concept, but all I knew about the specifics was "changes actors occasionally, most famous one was Tom Baker (with the big scarf), is not really named "Doctor Who," and the costars are called 'Companions' for some reason."

So I borrowed some episodes from the_doctor, who, as you might guess from his username, was the hookup. He provided me with:

* The Three Doctors: I enjoyed this one, as it got straight to the part of the show I find most interesting: different Doctors. As I understand it, when he dies, he regenerates. So he's still the same person, but... he doesn't have continuity of body. Or memory. Or personality. Weird and confusing: that's how I like my science fiction! So in this one, the second and third doctors get together, which is fun. And the first doctor shows up via television, which was a little disappointing, because it seems like a show called "The Three Doctors" ought to have all of them on set at the same time.

* The Talons of Weng-Chiang: This is The Famous Tom Baker, and I found it kind of underwhelming. I've heard how much people looooovvvveeee Tom Baker, but in this, at least, there wasn't much personality on display. There wasn't much time for character bits as everyone was running around having Sherlock Holmes pastiches (it's always the Giant Rat of Sumatra, isn't it?) and Jack the Ripper references. The problem I had, I think, is that the Doctor spends his time acting aloof and like a know-it-all, which doesn't leave much room for being a "cosmic bohemian."

* The Curse of Fenric: This is from a later Doctor, and it was okay. It felt a little padded around chapter three, but that'll happen sometimes, I guess. I enjoyed Ace, the Companion (how come they're not just called "sidekicks" again?) more than most of the other ones I've seen.

Right. Now that brings us up to this weekend, in which I went over to Scarecrow Video and picked up five episodes to check out. Hey, it's a series that's been going since 1963 with relatively frequent total cast changes; even getting a general overview will take a while. It's not like M*A*S*H where you can watch a couple episodes, decide whether or not you like Hawkeye, and move on.

I focused on episodes that were either the first or last by actors playing the Doctor. This is partly because the regenerations continue to be the most interesting part for me, and partly because I wanted to make sure to get stuff from the very first Doctor, so I'd get a feel for the early days of the show.

* An Unearthly Child: This is the very first Doctor Who ever aired, a four-part series that, in theory, introduces the whole concept. I liked the early parts, in which baffled schoolteachers come face-to-face with a weirdly-smirking William Hartnell and his time-traveling police box. The explanation that the "Chameleon Circuit" was broken (and that's why it's always a police box) was very nearly convincing, which is right about where science fiction ought to be. Unfortunately, the caveman portion of the proceedings was very long and drawn-out. It would have seemed shorter if the females of the group hadn't taken to screeching in horror every time anything happened. Anything at all.

* The Tenth Planet: This was the last Hartnell series, and apparently he was very sick by this point, screwing up his lines on camera and generally needing to stop. So it also contains the first regeneration, which still seems like a really interesting way to keep a franchise going after the main actor leaves. The story was a little light on Doctoring, what with most of the decisions and actions being done by the American General and (to a lesser extent) the Companions. In episode 3, the Doctor spends the whole time convalescing on the Tardis, since Hartnell was too sick to act. The last episode was mostly still photos and the original audio track, because the BBC destroyed a lot of films in the '70s. Luckily, The Doctor Who Restoration Team are apparently very devoted to their task. Apparently, the Cybermen are very high up in the Doctor Who Villain List, but they didn't do much for me here. For one thing, between the bad audio and their monotone (yet sing-songy) delivery, I couldn't understand them very well.

* Logopolis: I enjoyed this one a lot. It's the last Tom Baker one, and it had what seemed like much more character-based stuff than the other one I saw. At least in the beginning. I wasn't entirely clear on how the Big Universe-Destroying Entropy Threat was vanquished at the end, but it's possible I let my attention wander for a second. The Doctor and The Master certainly sounded like they knew what they were doing. I did find the kid (Adric, The Boy Companion) pretty annoying.

* Castrovalva: After the Tom Baker Doctor dies at the end of Logopolis (via the extremely dramatic method of "falling"), he regenerates into a confused blonde guy. This is the first time I've successfully watched two series back-to-back so I could see the aftermath of a regeneration; that's convenient for me because it's pretty much all aftermath. There were bits I recognized as being callbacks to previous Doctors, which was neat. I enjoyed the "Doctor is confused" plotline, partly because I liked the exploration of the Tardis, with unexplained rooms and whatnot. I also liked the "Mystery City" plot. I did not care for Adric, who had apparently become even more annoying.

Okay, so that's where I'm at. I still have one serial (War Games, the last one from the second Doctor) to watch. It certainly ate up much of the weekend.

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Like hell I will. :P

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