Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Complete Future Reading and other Memegen things

After this post, I'm going to get something to eat before I go to that family dinner thing with Vernon's family. I'm too hungry to wait till dinner, haha. (or not, depending on time)

Note: LJ friends as Care Bears / LJ friends as Disney princesses / LJ friends as kids / how well I really know my LJ friends / what makes my LJ friends weird / crazy LJ friends / LJ friends in Gr. 1 / LJ friends in DANTE'S INFERNO Memegens. (by Moonfire, RandomUserName, Night_Wysper, Lost_Note, Kirazi, RickJamesBitch4, ShiniKami, and Discipuladc)

Your Complete Future Reading
by anonymity
Occupation:Head of Mafia
Spouse:Cruella de Vil
Greatest Accomplishment:Sexing it up on an airplane
Date of Death:January 18, 2008
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your future in the music industry...
by xheroine
What instrument do you play?
Your band name isThe Fly High Guys
Number of CDs your band will sell810,083
Record labelDrive-Thru
Type of music your band playsmetal
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Metal music with clarinets in it... could be interesting!

What Music Chord Are You? by cmcollander
Root NoteA# / Bb
Major / MinorDim
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Your secret Addiction
by khaiptah
Name ?
Your Secret Addiction is ...the National / State Lottery
When you Discovered thisJanuary 13, 2008
Where were you when you found out?locked in a Gym Cupboard
How much it will cost you by the time you die ..$5,131
Treatment OptionsElectro Shock Treatment
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Academic Addiction by spenceraloysius
The Academic Addict
Undergraduate InstitutionNational University in San Diego
Years Spent Obtaining BA / BS6
Graduate InstitutionState University of New York, Stony Brook
Years Spent Obtaining MA / MS5
Years Spent Obtaining PhD5
Educational Debt$141,102
Eventually, you are a specialist in the field ofHotel and Restaurant Management
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What Hard Alcohol Are You? by stoneyblair
You Are...
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Never tried Bacardi, funnily enough...

Everything you ever wanted to know.. about you! by anticaps
your colorblack - isolation
your animalbutterfly - beauty, grace
your instrumentflute
your elementiridium
your body partback
your seasonwinter
your monthOctober
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Inner Alcohol by djalien
User Name
Real Name
Your inner alcoholBacardi 151
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Cigarettes / Alcohol / Drugs
by distortedlogic
Your name
Your favorite band
Your favorite color
Your cigaretteDoral Full Flavor
Your boozeNatty Light
Your drugMeth
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what alcohol are YOU??? by amberfinesse
favorite singer:
you are:
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Yay! I actually have a Corona Extra hat, which Dave always teases me about. :D
(my mom got it from a food show, NOT the local watering hole! :P)

Your Alcohol Name by WHSRobyoung
Drinking Ratingheavy weight
If you were alcohol, what would it beStrawberry Daiquiri
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