Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Custard jelly, fluids, spicy squid, and different words

This morning, Lillian picked me and my mom up. We went to the hospital, where Grandma was sleeping. Then they rehashed the family drama, but I guess it was good. Grandma actually had some custard today, plus laxatives and fluids. I gave Lillian my email address as I'd planned. Mom and I went to London Drugs and then to the Golden Great Wall for lunch - HOT AND SOUR SOUP PLUS SPICY SQUID AND NOODLES! Then we went to Starbucks to get coffee plus a snack for Lillian, even though she wasn't hungry. We decided to leave at about 3 since Grandma was sleeping anyway. The doctor told Mom something a bit different than what we'd heard on Friday - "inoperable" and "tumor spreading" were not words that were used that night! Lillian drove me home after I picked my stuff up from the townhouse; she'll call me tomorrow to see what the plans are since my mom might want to alternate times. I'm good either way, really. If I'm making it out to sushi night / sushi movies at Dylan's on Friday, I might just go in the morning. Got home and talked briefly to both Vanessa (MSN) and Talia (AIM) - it's good. Now I can have some alone time after paying my phone bill!

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