Thursday, August 02, 2012

Rainbow Chelita, Advent Desert bones, and energy!

I was up at noon for the first time in maybe a month, which is VERY good for the sleep debt! Chelita (rainbowchelita) messaged me on AIM because she thought I was someone else, hahaha. I updated her on stuff, then. Went to visit Grandma, who could be discharged to Dogwood tomorrow morning - good news, for once. She seemed to have a bit more energy and was sitting in her wheelchair; I spoon-fed her some soup with garlic in it (Mom thinks it'll prolong Grandma's life by months), and discovered that she thought I was Steph!

Mom gave me some sausages and soft Hello Kitty candy; since you have to cook the sausage first (I prefer pre-cooked stuff) AND it's not the type of candy I'd eat much of, I just threw it out when I got home. David S. invited me to an RQ Facebook group, and already Mer is wondering about it! Evelyn decided to accept it, and Brian's defending me. It's not like I will do a bunch of stuff there, hahaha. (they took me out of there within hours, though) Called both Jon and Lillian to update them on things: Lillian can pick me up tomorrow at 9 for the transfer at 10, which is fine.

These Advent Desert bones make a useful signpost!

This set of Advent Desert bones won't attack you since it's a nice guy's corpse!

"You're one gutsy kid, talking to dead bodies..."

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