Friday, August 03, 2012

Sober / drunk convos, omelettes, discharges, and Kaiser bread

Replied to Mandy's email before I went to bed last night and before I had a "sober / drunk" conversation. Lillian picked me up at 8:50, saving me from further awkward analysis of that interaction! We got to the hospital, and tried convincing Grandma to eat some oatmeal. She thought she was at home, since she wondered where Jon was and who would cook! The discharge to Dogwood went well, and yes, we hope never to see those people again! I went to a café across the street called Dylan's (hahaha), and had an omelette with toast and hash browns while dumping all my change on them; I also brought back a breakfast sandwich for Lillian. She later tried telling me to take it myself, but I'm not a fan of Kaiser bread. We had to see Mom and Dad later, but I elected to go home with Lillian. Good thing, too - I needed some time alone, and also had to call white Eric to make arrangements for tonight. Sure, I could walk to Dylan and Deb's, but it's really hot out!

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