Monday, July 30, 2012

Spelling "malignant," physio, vocal baby Ayler, and Ted

Laundering my Canucks shirt worked for no more egg staining - YES! I told Ryan a short version of recent events, since I trust him as well. Lillian woke me up at 9:45 with a phone call, but that's okay because I got more rest! We got to the hospital at about 11 with Auntie Kwai, and stayed with Grandma; we supported her and held her hands as the physiotherapist was examining her later. She slowly sat up and stood for a couple of minutes after he tested her reflexes, then took a couple of steps. Later, she had some congee with rice. We had chicken, a turkey sandwich with cheddar and horseradish, coffee, and coffee cake from Starbucks. Ted (Mabel's husband) visited when she was sleeping. Mom got there after 4, but Grandma didn't seem to recognize her. When we asked Grandma who Mom was, we got the response "Leslie..." Ha, not quite! Jon had told her some details over the phone when they got in, so that's good. Then again, Grandma thought she was on a cruise! Nice!

Yvonne and William showed up a minute after Jon did at 4:45 or so, but Mom didn't really talk to them much. At least Jon and I talked to them for updates and such, since we have no issues with these people. I hugged Yvonne goodbye when Mom, Jon, and I went for dinner at Kwong Chow - yes, they have to see baby Ayler at some point when they're here! (and not just in photo form, haha) Auntie Eva kindly drove us to the restaurant, and I finally got to see the baby! Baby Ayler was making a lot of sounds as usual (we think he wants to talk already at two months old!), and seemed interested in all the lights that were on! It was good to see them, and I told Harmony that I'd been at the townhouse on Friday and not HOME. She'd forgotten, but that's okay. Later, Mom was apparently surprised that cancer patients will go through a lot of pain as they near the end. When I was NOT surprised at this, she wondered how I know, and concluded that I must know everything! I taught her to spell "brain," "philanthropist," "incontinent," "chemotherapy," "neurosurgeons," "palliative," "consultation,"and "malignant." Later, I finally reset my Trillian password, and replied to emails from Mandy / Deb.

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