Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Supportive! / Desert and Moon faces!

While I was distracting myself by reading comics, Chinese Eric left me messages on MSN. He's really good to me! "Hey - hope you're holding up. GOD BLESS! Keep up the support from me. *thumbs up and hugs* " Hahaha, I was going to call him tonight with news, anyway! (when I tried, I got no answer, but that's okay!) Replied to Mandy's email, and also emailed Steve L. about things.

These camel bones northeast of the Advent Desert oasis will give you tips on walking through the desert! "I'm the bones of a camel. Want to know how to walk when in the desert? Move your left foot before your right foot sinks. Move your right foot before your left foot sinks. It took me 100 years to figure that out."

Another set of camel bones (near the railroad tracks) tells you that Advent Desert is the most boring part of this game, but to watch out for land mines!

This is the only cactus in the MOTHER 1 Advent Desert with a face. If you use Telepathy on the cactus, it will sing into Ninten's mind, giving him the fifth melody of the game!

Speaking of faces, the Lunar Ruins in FINAL FANTASY IV also have a face on the Moon!

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