Sunday, July 29, 2012

Egg on shirt?! / Orca statues! / CONGEE!

This morning, I discovered that I accidentally laundered my bus pass last night. Then I decided that transferring my stuff was more important than going to church, so I called Lillian to inform her of this, then called Eric to let him know. I'm sure he understands! When Veronica answered the phone, I politely told her that I was good - she probably doesn't want to hear the real story, unless she's heard from Eric already. Oh well. Jon also called to see if we could locate his bus pass in the back of the rental car - sure! Told him that we'd gone for sushi afterwards, heh. Got an email from Vicky about things, which is good. Lillian came by later, and said that Jon had texted her about the bus pass, but she couldn't find it. After I had dropped off most of my stuff at home (and organized most of it), we discussed the changes in Richmond / orca statues near Dragon Ball / chairs / impatient drivers who can't wait for someone with a walker to cross the street / picking up Auntie Kwai / congee.

Grandma was at least awake when we got there, and was able to tolerate a lot of congee without choking... YAY! Her roommate is 96 years old, Jewish, and felt like she was going to die; her lesbian granddaughter wouldn't hear of that because of her wedding next week, haha! Auntie Paula and Auntie Helen came by later, and said that Auntie Eva would pick up my parents from the airport tomorrow and visit. I really need to figure things out with Jon, then - how to tell them if they don't know?! Lillian thinks that Grandma can no longer really control her right hand, which is definitely an effect of what's really been going on! A bit later, she bought me a honey Greek yogurt from Starbucks, and some egg / ham / Chinese buns. Unfortunately, the egg got on my Canucks shirt and ruined it. Maybe I'll try laundering it tonight since I really have no spare shirts! After we told Grandma to sleep some more, I decided to go with Lillian back to Richmond before Grandma's dinner since she's meeting a friend. She's seeing someone tomorrow to give out stuff from her colleagues, but that's in Port Coquitlam! Of course I don't want her to drive everywhere, so a central place to pick people up would be good. Found out that Helen Huynh (from Palmer) added me on Facebook - nice!

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