Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hester and Rob came by at 9:15 to figure out stuff with my toilet; she told me not to put the Lever 2000 blue thing in there, since the plumber thinks it'll damage the toilet. Somehow, I think that's bullshit. At least the tank seems to be working properly, and nothing is caught in the chain or whatever. I should just wiggle the lever "tenderly," she says.

Checked my email to find a particularly religious one from white Eric about "negative" attitudes and service projects. Thank goodness I am not quite that insane! I won't be going this Friday due to a combination of Friday the 13th (a bit important), THE WEEKLY TRADITION (somewhat more important), and THE PLAYOFF HOCKEY GAME - the most important thing! He might think I "need" to go, or that my Friday plans "should" be going to Fellowship, but I won't feel guilty AT ALL. :D

I encountered seven Metal Babbles (which give you 10,500 experience points EACH!) again in the Royal Crypt in DRAGON WARRIOR 4, and had the presence of mind to grab a screenshot this time:

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