Monday, April 09, 2012

Russell Stover, Ferrero Rocher, Nestlé, Aero, Cadbury, Lindt, and Reese's

Replied to Mandy's email after awakening, haha. Also got a notification that Bryan (slackananda / ironicman / witlessowhitman) had FINALLY removed me from his friends list; YES! He was sorta creepy at the end with the "Asian fever" declarations over YM. Dumped out a bunch of religious Easter cards, too - I could use them for baptisms since people expect THOSE cards to mention God or have some Christian content, but those really aren't my taste anyway. Thank goodness that I didn't buy them in the first place! Later, I went out to Richmond Centre to see what Easter chocolate I could get. First, I went to Sears to discover a sale on the dark towel for my chair ($10 off!) and Jessica panties (three for $7) that I was going to buy anyway - SCORE!

Went to Shoppers Drug Mart after that, and I saw some BATH RETREAT products on sale. Decided to try the cocoa foaming bubble bath and the cocoa body mist spray to see what they'd be like. Found some LIFE brand chocolate branches with hazelnut filling, so I bought two for myself and one for Chinese Eric. Then I got some LIFE brand Belgian chocolate eggs and lambs with hazelnut filling, so decided to get those as well as some Cadbury TEENY eggs. I went to the dollar store, where I saw Cadbury Fingers for half the price it is in normal shops, so I bought two boxes along with Canucks and Habs washcloths so Steph and Lisa can continue a household rivalry! Almost everything in the store was half-price, too.

On my way to London Drugs, I bumped into Uncle Cho Kai (the church botanist) and Auntie Anna, who of course asked me what I was doing there. WHAT DO YOU THINK?! I had to be polite and say that I was doing some shopping in order to get some exercise before Easter Monday dinner at my mom's place. At London Drugs, I helped a couple who had dropped a greeting card in their rush to get to the checkout ; line; they thanked me for noticing! I got mounds of on-sale items: two Ferrero Rocher hollow hazelnut bunnies (one for Chinese Eric) / Cadbury mini-eggs / two Aero eggs (one for Chinese Eric) / four packages of Reese's mini chocolates (James put the idea into my head the other day) / two net packs of chocolate eggs for Rachel and Jonathan / a Russell Stover caramel egg / two Russell Stover 60-packs of mini chocolate bunnies for the kids and Chinese Eric / a strawberry melon Brisk drink / a Brisk iced tea drink. At home, I noticed that a blocked number had called while I was out. Since I thought it was Chinese Eric, I called his number only to have Auntie tell me to call another number! So I did, and he said he hadn't called, but might be running late. NO PROBLEM!

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