Monday, April 09, 2012

Herbal medicine, gnocchi, turkey, and baseball galore

Dad called to make sure I knew that dinner started at 6; nothing I can do if Eric was running late, and I didn't mind the extra time to get things sorted over here, either! *evil grin* Eric came by after 6:10, and I waited while he got money from CIBC and picked up some herbal medicine for himself and his grandma. Yes, I remember from Chinatown that it takes A LONG TIME for the herbalist to make the stuff, so it's fine. At least she's doing well! We talked about how we'd been, conspiracy theories about "environmentally friendly" stuff and expense / the government, TV shows about surgery, his having some quiet time at home, the massive amount of chocolate I gave him, and his doing stuff with his parents; that's what I expect! When we got there, everyone had started dinner already - we had turkey, gnocchi, cucumbers, strawberries, beer, and a bunch more stuff while talking about Harmony's pregnancy / labor / delivery / cervixes / breastfeeding for the bonding and health benefits / no home birth / raising the kid as a vegetarian or vegan / Facebook / whether our parents were excited about becoming grandparents / Paul influencing people (NO!) / SERVANTS / the NHL draft lottery / Vancouver-L.A. hockey / Philadelphia-Pittsburgh hockey / Toronto-Boston baseball / mortgages / duck fat / coconut oil.

Also discussed Easter crackers (like Christmas crackers), HUNGER GAMES, Denise / Julie / Alan / Tracy, Steph's new tattoo (Dad took her into the kitchen to say "Don't do this!"), possibly watching playoff hockey at Jeremy's this week (Jon told Eric not to give me a lift - BAD!), my gifts of a stuffed animal and Canucks and Habs washcloths, schedules for dinner, Nathan, quiet baby Maddie, my mall trip, candy sales, a shower for the girls, $200 for the trip, and more. Grandma wondered what the toys were in the Easter crackers, told Harmony to sit down while telling her that she didn't eat much, and coped with our mediocre Chinese skills as we wondered how to say "nuts" as opposed to "peanuts." Mom gave me leftover turkey with gravy, Starlight mints, a 2012 calendar, jalapeno cheese slices, and chocolate eggs and a bunny. She gave Steph and Lisa some perogies - now I want some, but given that I have to take $200 out of the bank for Vegas purposes, that probably isn't happening. Good thing I have microwaveable meals and noodles out the wazoo, I guess! (not the healthiest, but whatever works!)

On the way home, Eric and I discussed directions / roads / time confusion / his contention that Jon will be more subdued once the baby comes / his never thinking of me a certain way ("she's obviously cheap since she gave me this candy AFTER the holiday!") / Easter services / his just walking me to the door. I didn't mind that at all, as it seemed we were both a little tired. Yeah, I heard a bit too much pregnancy and labor talk tonight, but it's all good - I know I will try my best to be a good aunt! I'd better get the details from my brother at some point in the next couple of days about the hockey playoff watching... Eric says it'll be more festive, and I quite agree. Even if he's just here... the more, the merrier! Now, it is time to GAME IT UP! (and I need to find "new" games to play...)

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