Thursday, April 12, 2012

Billie PROVINCE letter, makeup and lipstick, cashing cheques

Before I went out today, I called Chrystal at work, but she was in a meeting. I found my Cadbury TEENY eggs while I was out today, but I also managed to rip a hole in my pink bag with my scissors. Good thing I bought more than one that time at Winners! While going into Richmond Centre via the Bay, I overheard a little kid behind me wondering to his mom why he needed to speak English and not his own language. Then he said that he wanted to buy makeup and lipstick at the Bay - hahaha, so cute! I had to interject my opinion, using my skills with kids: "Get your mom to take you to a sale on lipstick and makeup! Then you'll be happy!" He and his mom laughed at that, haha!

Went to the bank since I'd received a cheque in the mail, and wanted to cash it while getting some laundry money. The guy at the bank gave me a look, and said that it was going to be hard, and then wondered what all the quarters and loonies were for. I didn't want to get kicked out of the bank, so I just said it was for laundry. (while thinking, "You'd think I wanted this whole cheque - all $165 of it - in PENNIES!") This is why I only do this once every few months! At least I have plenty of coins for laundry now!

Decided on a raspberry cheesecake ice cream cone at Purdy's as a treat, and then got a PROVINCE newspaper at the shop in the food court since Billie N. got herself published in the letters section. Got home to sort out my coins, went to the pharmacy next door to exchange a toonie for eight quarters (twenty minutes before closing time), and called Chrystal at work (ten minutes till closing time) to set up a dinner date for next Tuesday evening at the usual time and place. I almost set it up on Game 4 night since I was looking at the wrong dates in the calendar... whoops! Now it's time to have Michelina's five-cheese chicken ziti for dinner!

This is the text of Billie's letter:

To all true Canucks fans, the time is here once again. Playoffs, woohoo! We all know that this is our year, our time, our team. We love our boys, our city, and our province.

Like 99 percent of us, we're proud of what our boys did last year. We were not proud of what the 1 percent of so-called fans did on that fateful day. That was a black mark that left a lasting imprint on our magnificent team, our wonderful city, and our beautiful province. I would like to say to all of you that we, as fans, will not tolerate this. You will be held accountable, not only by the police, but by the fans, the city, the province, and the team themselves - and even something higher than that, yourselves.

You alone will have to live with what you have done. So this year, as the Canucks bring home the Stanley Cup, I would like you to have the heart of a Canuck. Celebrate with love and true understanding of our team motto. I encourage you all to right any wrong, and to stand up and be strong. Let's put the pride back in and make this a run for the Cup we want to remember.

- Billie Nutt, Kamloops

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