Saturday, April 14, 2012

TITANIC links, orange vodka screwdrivers, gummi bears, and turnip cake

Titanic Encyclopedia
Twitter - TITANIC real time - 100 years ago!

As I was leaving the house, I heard a Trillian message alert; I figured whoever it was (it turned out to be James) would have to wait! Went to Subway, where I got a $5 footlong Veggie Delight sandwich (with extra olives!) for later. Then I hit up the liquor store, where I knew my budget didn't allow for hard liquor; good thing I saw plenty of four-packs of 330mL (lemonade / raspberry citrus) Smirnoff spritzers or orange vodka screwdrivers for sale! I chose the latter since it was 7% alcohol as opposed to 5%, hahaha. As I fully expected to get ID'ed, I wasn't surprised when I was. My last stop was Price Smart, where I got on-sale Cottonelle toilet paper / leek dumplings / vegetable dumplings / 810g bulk gummi bears.

When I got home, three of the four bottles proved to be more than enough to completely soak (or drown) the gummi bears in the metal bowl that Teunis got me at the store last year. YES! Mom did indeed drop off the turnip cake later, along with 400g of Lifesaver jellybeans (I had only a few since they're too sweet - most of those went to the kids / Julie C. / Chrystal) and 90g of bubble gum eggs, which I kept for myself. Talked to James on YM for a bit before eating Yum Yum beef noodles, then gamed for a bit. YES! MY RADIMVICE "SOLO HERO - CAST MAGIC LIGHTNING" STRATEGY WORKED AGAINST THE DEMIGHOUL! FINISHED DRAGON WARRIOR 4 AGAIN!

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