Friday, April 13, 2012

Epic good timing / Magic Radimvice Den / Another 4-2 loss

Woke up with about an hour to spare till the weekly tradition, and thought I could just have a solo Hero in the Den of Radimvice to cast magic only. We'll see how that pans out later tonight! I heard that Subway is having $5 footlongs again, so maybe I'll get one tomorrow. Vented to James and FFAF, then talked to Talia on AIM - not too bad! Steph and Lisa bumped into Mom and Dad at the border crossing this afternoon, but it was a good thing I didn't go to the States. TOO MUCH STUFF GOING ON! I had to rejoin Random Thought because I had to read a post by Lance (godsstepson) wanting me back, haha. (courtesy of vodkabeforenoon) Good thing David K. (korczyk) deleted his journal!

DAMMIT. I left to go do something important (and EPIC with good timing), and get back to the score being 1-0 for the bad guys with 8.6 seconds left. UGH. GO CANUCKS GO! You haven't been down 2-0 in a series since 2001! But they are now, since the Kings won the game 4-2, courtesy of two shorthanded goals by Dustin Brown. Sounded pretty brutal. *sigh* History shows that they've never come back from the deficit. :(

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