Saturday, April 14, 2012

Alcoholic gummi bears, turnip cake, Grandma losing it, and Christon's executive decisions

I need to try alcoholic gummi bears soon... good thing I have money for the alcohol this time round! Just put the gummi bears (or whatever) in a bowl, soak them with alcohol, put plastic wrap over it, and leave the whole thing in the fridge for a few days! Christon has made another one of his executive decisions regarding next Friday; apparently, "small group outing" will be at Pastor Bob's place near Metrotown for a potluck / sharing time / movie. Lovely. *sarcasm*

Mom says that Ben or Uncle Eric doesn't want their wife / daughter Erin to go to the wedding; they're that influential or controlling?! Shit, if our parents told us not to do something just because of that, we'd do it anyway! Grandma won't be going, but we'll see whether someone like a sick Auntie Teresa will look after her or not. Maybe this can be an excuse; Steph and Lisa might feel bad, though. She says that Grandma is going downhill with dementia / Alzheimer's, which isn't news. She also said stuff about the Grand Canyon, heh. I emphasized NO ESCALATORS, so we'll see. At least she's making lo-bak go (turnip cake), and will drop some off later on her and Dad's way to church tonight. Time to leave since it's a nice day!

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