Thursday, April 12, 2012


Eric M. got on MSN after midnight to tell me some good news; apparently, that jerk Paul got a new job in Camrose, Alberta. ("but the really good news is that he got a job, not that he won't be here" - HAHAHAHAHA, YEAH RIGHT!) This better not be like Mr. Creep's new job, where he was back here from Victoria after only three months! (Eric said that Paul told them that he may be back in a month - SEE?! NOT GOOD ENOUGH!) I told him to keep the April Fools jokes to their proper time, as he was LATE on that. Then he said that he has video proof of Paul's Easter baptism, as he's editing it; WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! I don't want to see it, at least. Later, I told him that I wouldn't be making it out on Friday; my reasons are IMPORTANT, okay?! At least I managed to replay everything I'd lost, and then went some more into the storyline - METAL ENEMY HUNTING LATER!

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