Sunday, March 04, 2012

BRAZIL BUTT LIFT?! / Preaching demographics / Endless acoustic music

Saw a TLC show called "BRAZIL BUTT LIFT" last night - once I figured out that it was an infomercial for a crazy product which claimed to lift your butt, I changed the channel to a random movie instead. Before bidding me goodnight and saying stuff about my sleep schedule and religion, Eric thought I was the target demographic; NO! Then he thought that I could always use a bit of Christ in my life; I really hate preachy people!

I wouldn't have listened even if he DID have time to prepare a sermon on the subject at 12:30 AM! If you're not paid to do it, DON'T preach at me! Got up this morning, turned on the TV, and a TV evangelistic church show happened to be on; I switched shows as soon as possible! I never liked it when my mother would make me watch those things in junior high in lieu of actually going to church because of my operation! Switched online radio stations to 98.3 KTWS The Twins (Bend, OREGON) for the Alice Cooper Show - I don't like hours on end of acoustic music OR Racer NASCAR Rock, which is what 106.5 the Fox (Lucerne Valley, CA) was doing!

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