Sunday, March 04, 2012

Misplaced luggage, Hungry Man subs, and curry beef with chicken

Called Jon while he was out to lunch after church with Christon (I could hear him laughing in the background) and other people: we covered the sibling dinner, watering Mom's plants (maybe tomorrow sometime), coordinating visits to Grandma (she was already asking him today about when he'd visit), Steph, how long I'd been over / would be over, and more. Also called Steph about Mom's "misplaced luggage" email - I don't think wearing homemade cardboard slippers will work for a Princess cruise ship formal night, even if Uncle Joe let them borrow a couple of shirts!

Managed to find Mom's curry beef since it was in the SMALL freezer and not the big one, and also found some muffins and cooked chicken. Went to the 7-11 while talking to James about stuff; I selected a ham / pepperoni / roast beef / cheese "Hungry Man" sub instead of a wrap or sandwich, and noticed a Red Velvet Cake Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I'll buy that later tonight or even tomorrow sometime, as I don't want to go right back in after leaving a few minutes earlier!

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