Thursday, March 08, 2012

3-2 Jets LOSS... stymied by TV show recording!

Called Jon to say that I'd water the plants for once, haha. Talked to James for a while as I watched THE LOTTERY CHANGED MY LIFE. We can talk about anything, and that's why I like our friendship! Interesting stuff, to be sure: triumphant Rush songs for BABY DRAGON, Reuben sandwiches, babies, hilarious things, and much more. While I was watching the hockey game, I found myself stymied by my mother's TV recording on her PVR! (THE MENTALIST and PERSON OF INTEREST both at once?!) Couldn't change the channel as that would STOP the recording, and I didn't want to risk my mom's temper. Good thing it was the third period, and I could keep myself updated by reading the team FB wall / Puckheads group... if not, I'd have done something VERY bad! The Canucks came from behind to win 3-2 over the Jets... it was Winnipeg's first visit to Vancouver since 1996, unless you want to get technical with the Thrashers' last visit in 2009!

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