Sunday, March 04, 2012

Red Velvet Cake / Hoarding / Addictions / Oh Cone-ada!

I watched other weird TLC shows today; HOARDING: BURIED ALIVE, and MY STRANGE ADDICTION. addictions to sniffing pine cleaner, long toenails and fingernails, picking up roadkill from busy night highways, and eating dirt! Marissa R. also added me on FB from the Puckheads group. Went back to 7-11 once the shows started repeating. That way, I could get that Ben and Jerry's Red Velvet Cake ice cream! Since I saw two other flavors I hadn't tried (Oh Cone-ada! and Chocolate Macadamia), I had to get those as well. Tried them all when I got back to the townhouse and talked to David S. briefly: the cake one was especially good!

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