Monday, March 05, 2012

Grammar police, watering, serial killers, and TLC

Tammy M. added me to Facebook; apparently, my GRAMMAR POLICE picture cracked her up! I remember that Dave loved the picture, haha. Jon came over at 4:40 to water the plants and bug me about stuff. I gave him one package of seaweed, and we chatted about a possible date for a siblings dinner. His and Harmony's schedule is packed, but maybe next Wednesday (the 14th) could work! I know he's preaching this Sunday, and I also missed it the last time he had a sermon.

Incentive, indeed... we also talked about Neighbor Valerie, Steveston Village, my calculator, the TLC shows on hoarders, my plans with Chrystal, my hair, signing up for co-ops, what I've been eating, it being really "warm" here (but the HOHOHO house - where he came from - is cold), and more. I watched shows on true crime / murder / serial killers - "48 HOURS: HARD EVIDENCE" IS THE BOMB! (and so is INTERVENTION!) At least I do have an alternate source of noise! Mike R. also added me to Facebook; oh my!

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