Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Goat's milk soap, multigrain Pringles, and eating at White Spot with Chrystal

While I was watching an Italian edition of CAKE BOSS, my sibs finally settled on PEACEFUL restaurant for the Siblings Dinner with Big G next Wednesday since it's closer to me. Left at 5:10 so I could get goat's milk soap / 85% and 99% Lindt dark chocolate (99% for Mom?) / another strawberry melon drink at London Drugs, check my mail at home (and change the clocks!), and drop the body wash / goat's milk soap / garbage bags off before meeting Chrystal for dinner. I also got Harmony's Ritter Sport out of the fridge, too... might as well give that to her at the dinner!

Turns out that my bus calculations were correct, which was a good thing. I noticed that the FOGGY DEW PUB is no more - it's now Ceili's. Chrystal and I went to White Spot in the mall for dinner: we talked about Tokyo Joe's (we should do sushi next time!), Asian food, friendship drama (none for me - PHEW!), Emily and Mike seeing flies around all the time, her going to Mexico with her parents, and my own parents' cruise. We also discussed BEES IN THE TOILET, lab work at her job, poutine, burgers, Blizzards, Dairy Queen, Ben & Jerry's, construction, McDonalds Shamrock Shake / ice cream, mini desserts, spaghetti and meatballs, clam chowder, Chinese buns / egg tarts at the Chinese bakery, walking around the mall, and more. She thought I was crazy for giving her all that chocolate: she should have seen the original amount! I got some multi-grain ranch Pringles and two dark chocolate Aero bars at Shoppers Drug Mart, while she got some on-sale rice cakes. Got home in time for MY STRANGE OBSESSION: Cabbage Patch Kids / the color pink / Mickey Mouse / wigs!

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