Friday, March 09, 2012

GREAT NEWS, Powell River, true safety, and Lenting things

Mikaela (embryogirl) finally unfriended me on LJ, months after doing the same on FB - I was wondering when this would happen, haha. While I was talking to James, Eric bugged me on MSN about being there at 6 for worship practice, Q-Bert, CAPS LOCK, SCREWTAPE LETTERS, his weird preferences as far as my responses went, Mr. Creep / Paul / Teunis, Christon's email about "spiritual friendship," and more. Of course I'm at "the elder Ngs" (as he phrased it) - five minutes for him to come over and grab the book would be pure insanity otherwise! He rushed me out of the house, but did manage to see that I grabbed everything I needed, including microwaveable meal / bottled water / wasabi peanuts. We discussed traffic, "not needing" to catch up on "addictions" like my weekly highlight (HA!), my "realizing I needed Christ," my life during the past few weeks, and the rain. Also talked about bad drivers, his Lenting video games, curling on the 30th, my friendship with James being HEALTHY and SAFE even if it does include venting, Grandma, Trillian, TV shows, my not being "drunk" despite my parents having alcohol around, his being late, and more.

When we got to church, I ate my dinner in the kitchen while saying hi to Uncle Eugene and Vania; yes, there WERE green peppers in the chicken penne Toscana meal! Later, I listened to the worship practice while I read my book. When it grew closer to 7:30, I went upstairs, saying hi to Martin on the way. I gave Jeremy his Jer's peanut butter and chocolate bar; he chuckled at it, and thanked me. Raymond entered the room while Jeremy was out, and we politely mumbled hi to each other; it's not like we have much to talk about these days, which is fine by me. It's how things are. Noted the presence of a new guy (to me), and then had Bible Study (about the value of work) with Kevin / Vivian / Eric / Christon / Albert / Gino / Geoffrey. I didn't care if people took the spicy wasabi peanuts!

Christon gave me some GREAT NEWS! After the Bible Study on Ecclesiastes, Eric and I left right away, which is what I was hoping for. We discussed Korey's "health problems," proof, my "pox on Powell River" (I'm not saying anything about his DAD - Ron is FINE!), weekend plans, hockey tomorrow, 3-on-3 overtime, allergies, and STARCRAFT / WARCRAFT / LEAGUE OF LEGENDS / the Day 9 DAILY. Also conversed about my moments of exultation in the washroom for a few minutes, my being absolutely GLEEFUL over the news (I wouldn't tell James right away since it was past midnight in west Texas!), pronunciation, Christmas carols / Jars of Clay music / praise stuff as "happy songs" (CAN YOU NOT?!), relating GROUNDHOG DAY and THE TRUMAN SHOW to Ecclesiastes (*thunk*), movie nights, and more.

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